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WinAmp finally comes to Mac. Android app adds wireless sync, equalizer, and FLAC

WinAmp has been one of the things that I’ve missed most since switching from Windows to Mac for my primary computer. But the Music Software Gods have finally answered my prayers as WinAmp for Mac is now ava…

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doubleTwist and WinAmp both add wireless library sync for Android phones

Synchronizing your music library between phone and computer typically means plugging in your Android phone, mounting into Disk Mode, and drag-and-dropping files to a folder or trying to sync a playlist. Two…

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Winamp for Android is here, and it rocks

Winamp is an immensely popular and widespread Windows music player that was released by Justin Frankel in 1997. It was one of the first great MP3 players for Microsoft’s OS, and I’ve personally used it devotedl…

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