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Verizon V Cast Apps has no refund option, coming to Galaxy Tab next

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Anyone who is a Droid Incredible owner and interested in Verizon’s V Cast app store, we’ve got good news: it’s coming next week! Verizon has confirmed that an over-the-air update is coming…

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Google: We’re not threatened by alternative Android Markets

With the growing number of players entering the Android app store game, one would think that Google would be a bit perturbed with companies treading on its turf. Not so according to executives from Google. Duri…

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Verizon confirms V Cast Android App store coming soon to Froyo

First there were rumors and then there was official word from Verizon that it is indeed going to offer a competing market to deliver Android apps. At the Verizon Developer Community in conference in Las Vegas to…

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Rumor: Verizon may be tempting developers to join the V Cast App Store for Android

This isn’t too surprising is it? We have seen recently the blatant moves by carriers to regain control over the open source powerhouse that is Android by adding their own customizations, apps, and restr…

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