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The problem with mobile security companies: lots of scare tactics, not enough value [OPINION]

Maybe mobile anti-virus companies are charlatans after all. Google’s Chris DiBona infamously applied that label to companies selling mobile anti-virus software through fear-mongering, and Syman…

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Lookout: Android.Counterclank is Aggressive Ad Network, Not Malware

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As a follow up to yesterday’s warning from Symantec about the threat of Android.Counterclank, Lookout Mobile Security came out with a more nuanced perspective on the Apperhand SDK central to the issue…

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Symantec Warns of Android.Counterclank: Always Check Permissions

Symantec, the makers of Norton, warned today about several different app publishers that have been found to be pushing out Android.Counterclank. This bot-like threat is a new variation of the threat Android…

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