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Hey, Android manufacturers: your Super Bowl ads need babies, dogs, and sex

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The Samsung Galaxy Note was the longest commercial aired during Super Bowl XLVI, but it wasn’t the most memorable. And I’m not speaking from my personal opinion – Nielsen has delivered som…

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My first Super Bowl Sunday with OnSports, an Android app for the sports-obsessed [App Reviews]

Sports is major part of my social interactions. I’m guaranteed to discuss soccer, basketball, or football whenever I talk to my father or brother, and we’re only a text message or call away from co…

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Samsung Super Bowl Commercial for Galaxy Note believes in a thing called love – do you? [POLL]

Samsung Mobile promised that it would go big with its first ever Super Bowl campaign, and boy did they. In a 90-second commercial that played in the fourth quarter of the game, Samsung introduced the AT&T Ga…

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Madden NFL 12 for Android gets price cut and goes for just 99 cents for limited time only

With this year’s Super Bowl just around the corner (57 hours and counting, boys and girls!), the good guys at EA Sports have prepared a very nice surprise for all us Android geeks with a passion for football as wel…

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