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Match made in heaven, Shazam and Spotify to help you identify and stream new music

Spoiler alert; this won’t be available yet in the US folks. It was inevitable that something like what Shazam and Spotify have teamed up to do was going to happen, it’s just a shame that I didn’…

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VideoSurf automatically identifies actors: a SoundHound for video

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Shazam and SoundHound are two apps that have a high wow-factor the first time you use them. They are music discovery apps that automatically identify songs you want to know the name of. The apps record a few secon…

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SoundHound to be preloaded on HTC’s Android devices

Yesterday’s winner of a music discovery edition of Droid vs Droid, SoundHound, has announced that it has commenced a partnership with HTC that entails that SoundHound will come pre-installed on future HTC An…

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