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Droid DNA – Love at first sight, quirky at second glance [Hardware Review]

HTC has finally given Verizon users a reason to be happy for the holiday season. HTC’s Droid lineup has been lackluster on Big Red’s service for at least the past year, but the Droid DNA has changed a…

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Sony details WhiteMagic, its new display tech for brighter screens found in the Xperia P

When Sony announced the Xperia P earlier this week, the company noted that the phone includes a display technology known as WhiteMagic. Sony Mobile has provided further detail about exactly how the display wo…

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Corning Gorilla Glass 2 test: how much pressure can a screen take before it breaks? [Video]

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Corning made Gorilla Glass a brand name in tech circles. Though the company and its durable material aren’t the only names in the reinforced glass industry, they are among the most recognizable. Gorill…

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LCD Density Changer super-sizes your screen (Root only)

It’s not enough for some people to have large screens; some want to pack in a few extra pixels and expand their viewing space even further. LCD Density Changer can increase how much space is available on th…

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