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Endomondo embraces Holo in Android app redesign, which makes running, cycling, and more better in the process

Endomondo is rated as one of Android’s best running apps, but it didn’t have the most beautiful design out there. I’d argue that the purpose of Endomondo – track and display stats of y…

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Nike+ Running app for Android sprints into Google Play

All the beer and wings you’re consuming tonight watching the NBA Finals needs to be worked off at some point, so why not do it with the all new Nike+ Running for Android app? Nike+ Running is designed to be a r…

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Zombies, Run! will bring motivational story to your morning jog next year [Kickstarter]

I’ve lost track of the number of running apps available on Android, so it’s always refreshing when one of them does something to stand out from the pack. An upcoming app known as Zombies, Run! does j…

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