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Dell Venue comes to the US with a $499.99 “unlocked” price tag

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If you have followed any of my posts, or even some of Andrew’s, you may know that I am obsessed with BlackBerry or Palm Pre style form factor. When I heard that Dell was making the Dell Venue for Android and it…

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The Moto XT300 gets some more shots — this time with video and in focus!

You may or may not remember a month ago when we first caught wind of the Motorola “mini DROID slider” in all its blurry-cam glory. Well, today we got some new pics and even a decent video showing the de…

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The rumored “mini Droid slider” and why Android needs this form factor [Opinion]

When I saw the Android and Me post yesterday depicting a very blurry Motorola Droid vertical slider, I nearly couldn’t contain my excitement. Android phones have come in quite the many shapes and sizes b…

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