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Android Phones

AT&T’s Galaxy Note II scheduled to receive multi-window update tomorrow

One feature missing from the launch of the Galaxy Note II by Samsung in the United States has been the multi-window feature.  Fortunately, Samsung has worked closely with several carriers in the United States…

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Android App Reviews

ReLaunch can launch apps from anywhere in Android [App Reviews]

Android multitasking works well, but what about when you need super-tasking. I’m not sure if that’s a real word or term, but that’s what I call the way ReLaunch enables more than just switch…

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Android Apps

Cornerstone wants real multitasking for Android

There has been a lot of talk about whether the iPad or Android has more “real” multitasking. In my opinion, Android is closer, because apps can share information between each other, but neither ap…

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Clutch Pad v1.4 is my favorite task switcher [App Reviews]

The past six months, we’ve seen many apps that all try to provide the best way to quickly switch between tasks. The solutions have varied: some of these task switchers are used by double pressing the Home b…

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