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Should Google merge Google Talk and Messenger into one app? [POLL]

Google has products that allow people to communicate in a variety of formats. There’s Google Talk for instant messaging on mobile or desktop, Google Messenger for communicating just within your Googl…

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Google+ adds ability to start a hangout from mobile devices

Google+ will soon get a new update that makes it possible to initiate a Hangout directly from the Google+ Mobile app for Android. Announced a short while ago on the company’s official blog, Google+ will f…

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Facebook’s Messenger app will support Android & iOS video calling, too

The first question people asked after Facebook debuted its Skype-powered video calling service – after, wondering if Google Hangouts made the company nervous – was if the social networking gia…

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Yahoo! debuts Mail, Messenger, and Search Android 2.0+ apps

Those sporting an Android phone and a love for all things Yahoo! should be happy to see this — Yahoo! has announced the availability of a few new goodies including a Mail app, Messenger app and Search widge…

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