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misHaps shows important contact info if a phone is lost or you become incapacitated [App Reviews]

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One of most underrated features in Android 3.0+ is the ability to put a message on the lock screen. It’s a great way to have the security of the lock screen but still have a way to let someone who finds the phon…

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Passwords are for suckers. Nuance Dragon ID uses voice recognition to unlock phone features

Nuance has unveiled a feature that doesn’t ask users to make a gesture, key in some numbers, or even show their pretty faces. Instead, it asks only that you speak and be heard. Nuance’s DragonID for…

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Face Unlock is not about security – it’s about the novelty [Video]

Following Google’s unveiling of the Galaxy Nexus last October, Face Unlock was one of the features that intrigued me most. I wondered how accurate it would be, how secure it could prove, and if this was re…

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