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Sony details WhiteMagic, its new display tech for brighter screens found in the Xperia P

When Sony announced the Xperia P earlier this week, the company noted that the phone includes a display technology known as WhiteMagic. Sony Mobile has provided further detail about exactly how the display wo…

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Gingerbread’s Dark Tones are a Call for AMOLED

As I’ve said before, Google likes its Nexus line of phones to be the pacecar for the Android ecosystem. The Nexus One pushed forward processor speed, camera quality, and internal memory capacity, but on…

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HTC Incredible with SLCD screens and Froyo preinstalled make their way to Best Buy shelves

We are sure that you have heard of the stocking problems that have plagued HTC’s Incredible since its launch. According to HTC and many other outlets the problem with the stock has been the lack of AMOLED s…

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