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Endomondo embraces Holo in Android app redesign, which makes running, cycling, and more better in the process

Endomondo is rated as one of Android’s best running apps, but it didn’t have the most beautiful design out there. I’d argue that the purpose of Endomondo – track and display stats of y…

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Spotify completely redesigns Android app, adds 320kbps streams, speed, and Holo

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Spotify hasn’t updated its Android app since November, despite frequent reports from users about the app crashing, performing poorly, or having a frustrating interface. A new update to one of the worl…

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Android 4.0 Holo theme will be mandatory on all devices with Android Market access

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich has brought a bunch of improvements, updates, and ‘’facelifts’’ to the table. And while some of them might not be appreciated by everyone, one important change should be praised…

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