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Mobuyle Android app plans to keep store lines moving with mobile payments

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Payment processing company Heartland Payment Systems, has just launched a system to allow merchants to accept payments through smartphones and tablets, which effectively challenges both Square and Ver…

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Google acquires DealMap. Is it to enhance Google Offers/Wallet?

Google has opened its wallet to purchase another company. This time, The DealMap, a daily deals aggregator that finds coupons and offers from local businesses, has been snatched up. Think of it as Groupon on st…

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Google Wallet & Google Offers: pay with your phone and get shopping deals. “Your phone will be your wallet”

Google raised the profile of near-field communications in the U.S. when it introduced the Nexus S last year. Google hopes to raise that profile – and profits – even further by launching a new NFC-b…

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