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Flipboard debuts in Google Play, adds Google+ and YouTube integration, localization for 5 new countries

Flipboard is now available on Android – not just in beta form like we saw before, but as an official app that most folks with an Android 2.2 or higher device can access. Though it was originally thought that…

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Google exec teases Google+ API hook-up with Flipboard, hints that G+ tablet apps on the way

Two of the biggest holes in Google+ are the social network’s lack of meaningful API access or a proper tablet view for Android. Today at the Le Web conference in London, Google+ Product Manager Bradley Ho…

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Flipboard for Android leaks and is available for download; here’s what it looks like

Remember when I said that Flipboard for Android would be a Samsung Galaxy S III exclusive? LOL. I said it with a straight face, even though you and I both knew that it would be leaked within minutes of the device bei…

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Flipboard coming to Android as a temporary Galaxy S III exclusive, Google Currents and Pulse prepare for challenge

The incredibly successful iPad and iPhone app Flipboard is finally coming to Android. Sadly, you’ll have to own a Samsung Galaxy S III in order to enjoy its debut. At the Samsung Galaxy S III launch in Lond…

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