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bump now wirelessly transfers photos between phones and computers

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When it comes to getting photos from your phone to your computer, there are a variety of options. There’s mounting the phone to the computer, sending an email, or syncing with a program like Dropbox or Goo…

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Android App Reviews

Solid Explorer is the best looking Android file explorer around, and it may be the best overall soon [Beta App Review]

I’ve often overlooked ugly Android apps because they performed well enough. But as time passed and more apps emerged that are just as pretty as they are functional, it’s become hard to put up with a…

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Android News

PSA: Honeycomb needs a special tool to transfer files with Macs

In an annoying turn, it seems that Android 3.0 cannot natively connect to a Mac for file transfers. The trouble is that Android 3.0 uses MTP (Media Transfer Protocol), which began life as part of Windows Media Pl…

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