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Android Update Alliance one year later: is this sufficient progress? [CHART]

The Android Update Alliance was supposed to fix Android’s flawed update structure, but a year later, one has to wonder if it has really had much of an impact. There are still several prominent phones that…

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The Best Android devices and trends of 2011

Today is the last of 2011, and it was quite a year for Android. Looking back at where Android was 365 days ago and where it is now, it’s pretty incredible. Most of the things that we asked for in our 2011 wish li…

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11 biggest Android disappointments of 2011

The year started off with a robotic bang as Android ruled CES with an iron fist. In early January, it became clear that Android would have a big year, and boy did it ever. But that great start didn’t prevent a…

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Samsung ad taking shots at iPhone gets alternate cut, will air during holiday broadcasts

The hilariously awesome Samsung commercial that made the rounds on social networks last night will receive some prominent television placement. Samsung has just announced that its 60-second “The Ne…

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