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Motorola shipped 1 million tablets, 18.7 million phones in 2011

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Remember all those times where we tried to play the guessing games about how many Motorola Xoom’s were shipped? Well, we don’t have to guess anymore because Motorola has finally told us – ab…

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Google says Android traffic triples, costs “not material,” and Nexus One sales ending

Have you ever wondered why companies make such a big deal about being the default search provider on phones? Because it has the potential to lead to stacks of advertising money. During its Q2 2010 earnings call,…

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Google says Android Market tops 70,000 apps, NOT the nearly 100,000 previously reported

Google today announced that Android is chugging along very nicely, thank you. In its quarterly earnings call for Q2 2010, Google revealed that the Android Market has more than 70,000 apps, slightly more than t…

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