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Android Hacks

IT Crowd-inspired boot animation available for your Galaxy Nexus

Boot animations rarely garner much attention from me. Since I changed ROM’s so often on my EVO, I stopped caring about the animations seen when a phone powers on. Heck, I haven’t even rooted my Gala…

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Bittorent releases uTorrent Android app

Torrents are currently under attack from copyright holders and enforcers for obvious reasons, but for the folks out there using torrents for completely-legal and totally non-stealing, please get off my bac…

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Android Apps

Angry Birds Full version for Android available for free

In a move to get more and more users hooked to the Angry Birds phenomena, the developer Rovio has decided to bring the full version of the popular (and addicting) game to the Android platform for free. The app wil…

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Android News

Adobe Flash for Android downloaded 1 million times

Today is Adobe’s big day. It looks like according to them that Flash for Android has been downloaded over 1 million times from the Android Market. Flash was announced to be coming to Android months ago and…

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Free apps

AndFTP allows Android users to interact with their FTP servers [App Reviews]

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The promise of mobile devices and computing setting us free from our desks and allowing us to do the same things we do on our desktops and laptops is becoming more evident every day. Yet some still need some people…

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