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HTC: Sense UI has become “cluttered” but HTC One with Android 4.0 will right the ship

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HTC admits that the company strayed from its initial design philosophy in later versions of Sense UI. Though the original mission of Sense was to make Android “simpler” and more beautiful, subse…

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Android News

Rumor Smash! Google confirms that custom UIs are perfectly fine on Honeycomb

There is a rumor that’s been spreading that Google has banned custom UIs from use on Honeycomb (despite what we’ve already seen from Samsung.) The rumor began, because at a conference in Germany a…

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Samsung Tablets

The days of pure Honeycomb are gone: leaks show Samsung “Live Panel” UI

Given that Android tablet manufacturers aren’t doing much to differentiate the physical look of their tablet hardware, this moment was inevitable. I think that Google made good on its promise to revam…

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Sony Tablets

Good news: Sony making a tablet for $599. Bad news: “Sony is busy customizing” the Honeycomb UI

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Two things we knew would happen, but only one that we were hoping for. Sony has told Engadget that they are working on a Honeycomb tablet, the S1, which they plan to bring to market in September for $599. The price p…

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