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Google: Andy Rubin denies rumor of physical Google retail store anytime in near future

Recently, there were a couple of reports circulating that Google might get into the physical retail store business by the end of 2013.  Given the recent expansion of Google related products, it makes sense …

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Android Devices

Samsung reportedly confirms Galaxy Note 8 slated for MWC 2013 introduction

Several days ago, we reported on the likelihood that Samsung would introduce a smaller version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 come Mobile World Congress 2013.  Today, a Korean news blog is reporting that J.K.…

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Samsung reportedly confirms Galaxy Nexus launch will occur in December, adds to the frustration

Verizon Wireless passed up its chance on the Samsung Galaxy S II because it new it was going to launch a different killer Samsung smartphone — namely the one attributed to the pure Google experience.  The…

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