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Sprint expands its 4G coverage to six additional cities

Good news for Sprint subscribers, since the carrier now has expanded its 4G coverage in the U.S. by launching WiMAX in six additional cities, bringing its total number of 4G markets to 68 nationwide. The follow…

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No 4G? You still pay for it, and so does Sprint

Sprint and Clearwire are in an almost comical back-and-forth over the HTC EVO 4G and Samsung Epic 4G. Sprint currently has to pay a wholesale sum to Clearwire because the EVO and Epic obtain 4G through Clearwire…

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Sprint promises to get 4G to big cities soon, releases video showing it off

Sprint has been promising its 4G WiMax network would be coming soon, but it forgot to mention that the biggest and most influential cities in the U.S. – Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco – wou…

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