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Google updates Chrome to Phone & Docs to improve appearance, fix bugs

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Google has updated two of its most useful but rarely mentioned applications. Both Google Docs and Chrome to Phone have been updated to address long-standing issues and improve the day-to-day use of each app. I…

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Android Apps

Chrome to Phone Android app now includes links history

Google Chrome to Phone is by far one of my favorite apps on Android. C2P has further solidified its place in my heart with a new update that now includes link history. The latest version includes a change that will…

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AppBrain now changes wallpaper and sends links to Android from the web

Changing a wallpaper typically requires saving, mounting, opening, and setting. AppBrain has an easier solution. The latest version of AppBrain – both the website and the Android app – has been…

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Android Tricks

FoxtoPhone sends links or text from Firefox to Android

The biggest flaw with Chrome to Phone, if you consider it a flaw at all, is that it only works with Google’s Chrome Browser. What about the thousands of people who have opted for the No. 2-ranked desktop bro…

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