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Motorola Charm Review: Android’s Not-so-Smartphone

The Motorola Charm is a peculiar device. Though one might be inclined to call this a smartphone because of its operating system, the feel, experience, and likely consumer of the device lends more to what would t…

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Motorola Charm unboxing. What do you want to know?

Motorola has been the most diverse member of the Open Handset Alliance, delivering Android phones in a variety of form factors. The latest design features a bite-sized phone with a 2.8 inch screen and a keyboar…

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Motorola Charm with Android 2.1 & Motoblur tipped for T-Mobile release

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According to some recently leaked T-Mobile training documents, it looks like a new Android handset is soon going to come available. The model is the Motorola Charm with Motoblur and in addition to a new model, t…

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