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Firmware updates

Froyo Watch: AT&T Captivate now, Aria tomorrow, Sprint Epic 4G stalled

Alright, folks. We’ve got some good news and bad news for all the people who have been pestering their carriers, phone makers, and us about when their phones would be get the Android 2.2 (Froyo) firmware u…

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Android News

HTC releases Android 2.2 source code for EVO 4G, Incredible, Aria, and Wildfire — geeks rejoice

Modders and ROM developers are about to bury themselves in source code today and will chug six packs of Red Bull to stay up late into the night hacking away. HTC has released their valuable Android 2.2 source code…

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HTC Sync application lets Aria owners sideload non-Market app

AT&T has already made it clear that it will continue blocking Android users from adding apps from any source other than the Android Market. Whatever you think of those dubious reasons, that’s the re…

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AT&T tease Android users with HTC Sense device shown in video

AT&T is working to deliver an Android device, and not just the on-again-off-again Dell Streak. In a video posted of the AT&T labs touring the carrier’s testing facility, an employee shows off a…

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Android Phones

HTC Aria spotted in the wild, specs revealed, all still unconfirmed

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The HTC Aria has come back into the spotlight and once again we are seeing the device with uncertainty as these specs and details have yet to be officially confirmed. Still, the details are coming courtesy of And…

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