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Evernote adds notebook sharing, Skitch links, and widget for microSD users

Note taking and memory-aid app Evernote has added three often-requested features to its Android app. Today Evernote announced that users can share notebooks and get “more sketch goodness” for…

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Android Tricks

How to Free Up Space on the Internal Storage

Due to the software/hardware combination of not being able to install apps to the SD card and phones simply having inadequate amounts of internal storage, a weak point of Android has been that users often have r…

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Android Apps

How to Move Apps to the SD Card on Android Froyo the Easy Way with SDMove

If you finally have gotten your much-awaited OTA Froyo update, after obsessively having pressed the “Check now” button for a couple of hours (at least that’s what I did), there are a couple…

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Android Tutorials

How to Install Apps to the SD Card by Default on Android 2.2 Froyo

The Android 2.2 Froyo feature that most people have been looking forward to is likely official support for installing apps to the SD card. It’s something that many feel should have been included from the start,…

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Updated: HTC EVO 4G updated to Android 2.2 starting August 3

Looks like Sprint EVO 4G owners may be getting their 2.2 update sooner than anyone expected. Although nothing is set in stone about this leak, Engadget got a hold of an internal Sprint update release plan and fea…

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