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Android welcomed 3.7 million new devices this weekend

A lot of people were in the Christmas spirit over the holiday weekend. As a matter fact, a lot of people were in the Android Holiday spirit and bought their loved ones a new Android device. Flurry Analytics estima…

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Android News

Amazon and Google Music sales yield big discounts

The holiday season is being very kind to music lovers. In recent weeks, Google dropped the price on holiday music songs, and then later put practically its entire music catalog on sale. It turns out that Amazon i…

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Toshiba keyboard makes typing much easier on Android. WIN A FREE ONE from [Contests]

Virtual keyboards have come a long way. Far enough to be so powerful that you don’t really need a physical keyboard. But don’t be surprised if there comes a time when tapping relentlessly on screen…

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Google’s 10-cent Android Market sale ends today, 25-cent Christmas song sale just starting

Here’s a final call for all Android deals hunters. Today is the final installment of Google’s 10-day, 10-cent app sale to celebrate the passing of the 10 billion app download threshold. Google ha…

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Black Friday 2011 Android deals round-up

Every November, stores and websites drop prices in hopes that users will spend the big bucks with them. However, you don’t want to spend the big bucks; you want the kind of deals that will give you Shaq-siz…

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Android App Reviews

5 more great Black Friday and holiday shopping apps

Last year, we reviewed 6 Android Shopping Apps for Black Friday and Beyond in an attempt to help you quickly and efficiently hit the mall (or web) to kick off the holiday season. Some of those apps are still great t…

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