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T-Mobile Removes ETF Customer Pain Point with UnCarrier 4.0 Starting Tomorrow

January 8, 2014 | by Natesh Sood

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The main impediment for consumers trying to switch between various carriers in the United States is typically the ETF (Early Termination Fee).  Since most carriers subsidize the cost of a smartphone, leaving the contract early requires the customer to pay a penalty that puts the carrier in the status quo for the full cost of the smartphone.

In order to help customers experience “contract freedom,” CEO John Legere and company will pay your ETF up to five lines and $650 per line to switch.  T-Mobile offers up to $350 per ETF and up to $300 per smartphone that you trade-in — totaling $650 per line.  According to a poll ran by GigaOM and cited by T-Mobile, 78% of customers would switch to T-Mobile if reimbursed for the ETF.

T-Mobile clearly sees potential in gaining new customers by reimbursing for the ETF up to five lines and UnCarrier 4.0 should be successful in its mission.  Consumers interested in taking advantage of the new offer can begin applying starting tomorrow (1/9/2013).  Feel free to chime in with your thoughts below!