Samsung Exec Points to April 2014 Launch for Samsung Galaxy S5 and New Galaxy Gear

January 9, 2014 | by Natesh Sood

Accessories, Android Phones, Samsung


In an interview with Bloomberg, Samsung’s Executive Vice President Lee Young Hee revealed some interesting information regarding the company’s upcoming flagship device.

Typically speaking, Samsung launches its successor to the Galaxy S smartphone line in the Spring, and 2014 should not be any different according to Lee.  In fact, the exec reveals that the Galaxy S5 will likely launch by April.

One of the new standout features that could potentially make its way to the Galaxy S5 is “iris recognition technology.”  Samsung is currently investigating the feasibility of an iris scanner as a measure of security on the new device.  In addition, the Galaxy S5 will likely differentiate itself in terms of design to represent itself as a re-imagined device different from the Galaxy S III and Galaxy S4.

Coinciding with the Galaxy S5 launch, Lee hints to expect an upgraded version of Galaxy Gear that offers “more advanced functions” and improvements to the overall design.

With CES 2014 wrapping up, I’m sure the rumor mill will begin heating up for the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S5.