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Will Verizon Wireless’ HTC One succeed four months late to launch?

August 18, 2013 | by Natesh Sood

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HTC One on VZW

The tale of the HTC One and Verizon Wireless is a convoluted one simply because the carrier took an additional four months to launch the flagship HTC smartphone.  It is not completely understood why the three other major carriers in the United States launched the One in mid-April and Verizon Wireless will not launch it until August 22.

While many early adopters were able to purchase one on April 19, Verizon Wireless customers will finally get their chance on August 22 for $199 on a two year contract.  The HTC One is definitely one of the top devices on the market as it contends with the Samsung Galaxy S 4 for the top Android smartphone available.  However, the Moto X, LG G2, and presumably the Galaxy Note 3 are all right around the corner that can challenge the One.

My bet is that many customers ready to upgrade on Verizon Wireless will consider the DROID Maxx/Ultra/Mini or wait for the LG G2, iPhone 5S or Note 3.  Why purchase a smartphone more than four months old when you can grab a brand new device in the upcoming weeks?

There are definitely going to be some HTC fans who will love the One on Verizon’s fast 4G LTE network, but I am sure the majority would prefer to wait for the next best Android or even iOS device.  I would have preferred to see Verizon Wireless knock $100 off the contract price to simply make it more appealing to the masses.