Androinica Reviews the M-Cloud Qi Wireless Charging Pad

August 7, 2013 | by Natesh Sood

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Qi Wireless Charging Pad

A common feature in many flagship devices is wireless charging, which essentially grants you two ways to charge your device.  The standard way is to simply plug in a micro-USB cable that extends from the wall to your device.  The second way is to place your device onto a Qi wireless charging pad or stand and simply let the electricity flow from the stand into your device.  The only cable necessary is the one going from the wall to your Qi charging stand.  While I must admit, wireless charging is more of a luxury than a necessary piece of technology, it is pretty neat and offers the ability to immediately pick up and place your phone for charge without having to touch any wires.

Up for review today is M-Cloud’s Qi Wireless Charging Pad courtesy of Mobile Fun.  The gadget is very easy to set up, it simply requires plugging in the AC charger into the wall, and placing the Qi Wireless Charging Pad on a flat surface.  Next, take your device that supports wireless charging and place it onto the pad.  For the purposes of this review, the device I used is the Nexus 4 by Google.  Assuming your case is thin enough, then the Nexus 4 should immediately make a sound and begin charging.

Essentially, the M-Cloud product works exactly as you would expect – plug and play at its finest.  The only trouble I imagine some customers experiencing is the fact that larger and bulkier cases will not allow the charge to take place.  Alternatively, a case-less phone will definitely work, but some slim cases can work as well.  I personally like to keep my Nexus 4 protected at all times, so I was pleased when the Charging Pad continued to work with the case I had on my Nexus 4.  In addition, the Nexus 4 can become pretty warm after sitting on the pad for an extended amount of time, but I am sure the case adds to the heat.  Lastly, I found that wireless charging seemed to take a little bit longer than it normally would from the stock cable charger.  However, throughout the few weeks in which I reviewed the unit, I preferred to use the wireless charger since it was easier to pick it up on the go, and drop it back down.

The Qi Wireless Charging Pad retails on MobileFun for $46.99, which is a great price point considering the Google official wireless charger for the Nexus 4 costs $59.99.  The device will also work with any smartphone that supports the Qi standard.  However, be warned that it will not work with the Nexus 7 (or other tablets) simply because it is too large for the tiny pad to contain.

Special Thanks to MobileFun for providing Androinica with the M-Cloud Qi Wireless Charging Pad!