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Report: 20 million Galaxy S 4 devices sold by Samsung since launch

July 4, 2013 | by Natesh Sood

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Galaxy S 4

A recent report coming from South Korea sheds some light on sales for the powerful Galaxy S 4 smartphone by Samsung.  We already knew it was selling extraordinarily well when Samsung reported 10 million devices were sold in just a month.  Now, a Korean news agency is reporting that within two months since the device launched, the Galaxy S 4 has amassed 20 million device sales.  Simply based on these preliminary numbers, it is selling much faster than the wildly successful Galaxy S III.

In fact, the Galaxy S 4 is selling a rate 1.7x faster than the Galaxy S III and could easily become Samsung’s best selling device.  It is no surprise that Samsung, with its infinite marketing budget, is able to amass such sales numbers and achieve success year over year.  With the company’s earnings call expected to take place in the next couple of days, we will likely learn more specific numbers regarding the Galaxy S 4.