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Motorola goes for a blue look on the DROID RAZR M and DROID RAZR HD on Verizon Wireless

May 27, 2013 | by Natesh Sood

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motorola droid razr m in blue

If white and black smartphones aren’t exactly your type, then you may be happy to learn Verizon Wireless is now selling the DROID RAZR M and DROID RAZR HD in blue.

Starting today both online and in-store, Verizon Wireless has the DROID RAZR M in blue for free on a two year contract.  As you can see based on the picture above, the DROID RAZR M is nicely surrounded by a blue finish.

The DROID RAZR HD, which can be viewed through the link below, is only covered in the blue on the outer casing.  In addition, the DROID RAZR HD will cost $99 on a two year contract just like its black and white companions.

Lastly, there is no word on when and if the DROID RAZR MAXX HD will receive the same blue color treatment.

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