Androinica Reviews ArmourDillo Hybrid Protective case for Google Nexus 4

April 11, 2013 | by Natesh Sood

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amourdillo case nexus 4

Up for review today is the ArmourDillo Hybrid Protective Case for the Google Nexus 4.  The specific unit for review was sent to us by MobileFun, which is an online retailer for mobile accessories.

The Google Nexus 4, as you probably know, features a glass backing, which makes it very susceptible to scratches and cracks.  As a result, many Nexus 4 owners quickly protect it with a case, but there many Nexus 4 cases available, so it is important to find the one that satisfies your needs.

The ArmourDillo case is a rugged two piece case that offers stellar protection for the Nexus 4.  One unique feature specific to the case is the fact that it offers a kickstand, which can be popped out to prop up the Nexus 4 to view videos.  The kickstand can definitely come in handy if the device is charging, but you want it propped on your desk.  If you are watching a video from your desk, then the kickstand can be used to let it stand while you sit comfortably watching.  If you take out the last layer of protection, you are left with a simple black rubber skin.  Some owners may prefer this option since it is thinner than the complete case, but you lose some protection and the kickstand.

I personally enjoy the fact that it is easy to add and remove the second protective layer, depending if I want the extra protection and bulk or not.  It features many grooves (hence the ArmourDillo name), which offers a better grip than you would normally expect from handling the device without a case.

The one aspect of the ArmourDillo Hybrid case that bothers me is the fact that the buttons are harder to press.  The protective rubber of the case extends over the volume and power buttons, so you will have to press relatively hard to increase the volume or turn on the screen.  For some, this is a huge nuisance and others may hardly notice this lack of functionality.  I generally prefer cases that have cut-outs where the buttons reside, since this offers for easier access.

The black ArmourDillo Hybrid protective case through MobileFun costs $16.49, which is a fair price point for such a case.  If you are looking for excellent protection and something with a kickstand, the ArmourDillo option is something worth considering.  However, if you prefer a minimalist sleek case, then you will want to keep looking for something thinner.  Overall, I would rate the Nexus 4 ArmourDillo case 4 stars out of 5.

Special Thanks to MobileFun for providing Androinica with the AmourDillo Hybrid Protective Case for the Nexus 4!