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T-Mobile confirms $99 price tag for the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S 4

March 26, 2013 | by Natesh Sood

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Samsung Galaxy S 4

T-Mobile had a lot to announce today at its UNcarrier event taking place in New York City.  While there were many wireless plan announcements, T-Mobile also confirmed some information regarding its upcoming flagship LTE smartphones.

To begin, the Samsung Galaxy S 4 will launch on T-Mobile on May 1st for $99.  While this price may sound deceptively inexpensive, remember T-Mobile is doing away with subsidies and wants you to pay the full price of the phone instead.  The full price of the Galaxy S 4 will be paid off in payments over 24 months.  The full retail price of the Galaxy S 4 is not yet known at this time.

Moving on, we have the HTC One slated to drop sometime during April, but T-Mobile did not specify an exact date.  The price point will be identical to the Galaxy S 4 — $99 down payment with the duration over 24 months.  Unfortunately, we do not know the full retail price so we cannot compare it to the Galaxy S 4 over two years.

The One and the Galaxy S 4 are some of the first T-Mobile handsets to operate on its brand new LTE network.  Only seven cities at this time have fully operational 4G LTE data, but at least that’s a start.

The seven cities include: Baltimore, Houston, Kansas City, Washington D.C., San Jose, Phoenix, and Las Vegas.

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