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NYT report indicates Galaxy S 4 will offer an eye-scrolling capability

March 4, 2013 | by Natesh Sood

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As we approach the highly anticipated date of March 14th, reports are starting to trickle in as to what we can expect from Samsung’s latest and great Galaxy S smartphone.  Today, the New York Times chimes in with a report on how the Galaxy S 4 will contain a software related feature that automatically scrolls the page based on your eye movements.

Coincidentally, Samsung also applied for a trademark in February for something called Samsung Eye Scroll.  The premise of this feature is that the page will automatically scroll down when the device senses your eyes are moving down.  It is not yet known whether this type of feature will work with every app or only certain ones.

One thought that comes to mind after hearing about the Eye Scroll feature is Smart Stay, which is found presently in the Galaxy S III.  Smart Stay, as touted by Samsung, will keep the display on for as long as the user is looking at the screen.  Many argue whether it actually works or is a gimmick, but if the Eye Scroll actually works as I imagine it could, then Samsung has done something amazing.

The New York Times is citing an anonymous Samsung employee, so the source seems to be credible.  As always, we will have to wait ten more days for an official announcement from Samsung on the Galaxy S 4.

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