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HTC One to reach U.S. before end of April according to official statement

March 22, 2013 | by Natesh Sood

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HTC One Product Image

HTC sort of dances around the issue of component delays to give a refreshed timeline on the availability of the One across numerous markets.  Earlier this week, the WSJ came out with a report claiming component shortages were hindering the launch of the highly anticipated HTC One.

Today, HTC released a small statement that can be read below:

“HTC has seen unprecedented demand for and interest in the new HTC One, and the care taken to design and build it is evidenced in early reviews. The new HTC One will roll out in the UK, Germany and Taiwan next week and across Europe, North America and most of Asia-Pacific before the end of April. We appreciate our customers’ patience, and believe that once they have the phone in their hands they will agree that it has been worth the wait.”

There are two main points to take away from the statement.  First, the HTC One will launch in United Kingdom, Germany, and Taiwan starting next week, which is great news for interested customers in those three markets.  Second, the HTC One will launch in the remaining European markets as well as North America and other Asian countries “before the end of April.”  This vague phrasing allows HTC to roll it out April 2, but also April 29.  Ideally, HTC will launch the device mid-April for the remaining markets before Samsung releases the Galaxy S 4.