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HTC loses “Quietly Brilliant” tagline, plans to refocus marketing efforts

March 25, 2013 | by Natesh Sood

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It is often said the main reason HTC cannot compete with Samsung is due to a lack of available funds that can be allocated to marketing.  Samsung, as you are likely aware, spends enormous amounts of money on marketing its flagship devices, which ultimately pays off.  While HTC has unique and innovative devices, it is often unable to compete in terms of sales volume since not many customers are aware of HTC branded Android smartphones.

Chief Marketing Office, Benjamin Ho, plans on revitalizing HTC’s approach to marketing beginning by removing the tagline of “Quietly Brilliant.”  I personally enjoyed the aforementioned tagline, but it appears Ho wants something “bolder” citing the previous efforts haven’t been “loud enough.”

In addition, Ho explains the digital marketing budget will be increased by 250% and traditional marketing will increase by 100% as compared with 2012 expenditures.  It appears HTC is ready to go all out in order to ensure success for the HTC One.

We know the HTC One is a solid smartphone, but whether it can compete on the grand stage with the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and the next-generation iPhone remains to be seen.  Although, I do like where HTC is headed with its new CMO and I am interested to see if HTC adopts a new slogan or drops it completely.