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HTC’s countdown until Feb. 19th event deceptively confirms the HTC One

February 13, 2013 | by Natesh Sood

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htc countdown clock

HTC is betting big on its upcoming event on February 19th to truly capture the hearts and wallets of the general public when it introduces its latest flagship device.  On the 19th, HTC will be hosting an event in New York City and London simultaneously.  Currently, there is a countdown clock posted on the HTC website which is obviously counting down until the event takes place.

The interesting part with the countdown is how every time it reaches 51, 41, 31, 21, 11, or 1 second, the 1 becomes highlighted in green and the background shows off something from the phone.  It is an interesting sequence that is well put together by HTC website developers.  While we know the device is internally known as the HTC M7, it has been rumored to launch as the HTC One.  Having HTC put emphasis on anytime a 1 appears in the countdown sort of confirms the HTC One moniker.

In any event, we will have to wait until February 19th for official confirmation on the smartphone(s) HTC plans to introduce.  Here’s to hoping it manages to exceed our expectations.