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HTC: One will be its only flagship Android smartphone in 2013

February 27, 2013 | by Natesh Sood

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About a week ago, HTC announced its latest Android flagship smartphone known as the HTC One.  While the device represents an excellent combination of high-end hardware coupled with top-notch software, we can’t help but wonder if HTC will release an HTC One + in a few months from now.  Early adopters of the HTC One X will likely remember HTC proudly launching the HTC One X+ several months afterwards.

Fortunately, HTC spokesperson, Phil Robinson, informs us that HTC will only release one Android flagship smartphone in 2013 — which is the HTC One.  This is great news because it shows the public that HTC is committed to the product for at least a calendar year.  Samsung took this approach starting with the Galaxy S and has nearly perfected it with the Galaxy S III.

In order for HTC to regain some dominance in the Android marketshare, it must create a truly great product that it can market to the best of its ability.  HTC will now be able to rally behind the HTC One and market it across different markets in the same way since there is only one product.