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Google: Andy Rubin denies rumor of physical Google retail store anytime in near future

February 26, 2013 | by Natesh Sood

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Recently, there were a couple of reports circulating that Google might get into the physical retail store business by the end of 2013.  Given the recent expansion of Google related products, it makes sense — to an extent — why Google might pursue opening physical store locations.  Moreover, it would be another way to drum up interest for the Nexus line of products by allowing prospective customers to simply stroll into a store and pick one up.

Unfortunately, Andy Rubin, Chief of Android, commented on the rumor at hand and simply announced Google has no plans to launch any stores in the near future.  Rubin believes in his company’s ability to sell products online (such as through the Play Store).  We have seen the fallacies of the Play Store, especially given its crash during the initial Nexus 4 launch.  However, besides that instance, the Play Store has been pretty successful for Google in terms of selling products.  Might we one day see a physical Google retail store remains to be seen, but Andy Rubin remains adamant that such a venture is not in Google’s immediate future.

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