Diztronic case review for the LG Nexus 4

February 19, 2013 | by Natesh Sood

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Diztronic TPU Case

Up for review today are two Diztronic cases specifically designed for the Google Nexus 4. One case is a White Hard Shell Case while the other one is a Black Matte TPU Case. Both cases fit nicely on the Nexus 4 and protect it from scratches that may result from day-to-day usage. There are a few differences between the two cases (besides color) that may help you decide whether a hard case or TPU case is best for you.

I will begin by discussing the advantages and disadvantages of the White Hard Shell Case by Diztronic. One of the major attractive features about this case is the fact that it is sleek and stylish. The case adds minimal bulk to the device and it fits very easily inside my pocket. The delicate glass backside of the Nexus 4 will not be exposed when using the hard shell case. I’m sure you have heard the horror stories of a Nexus 4 falling on carpet and the glass backing cracks immediately. The White Hard Shell Case will protect against those types of falls, but the bezel above the charging port and the top of the phone are still exposed. In addition, the side power button and volume buttons are exposed for easy access.

The bottom line about the hard shell case is to not let the name confuse you. Even though it is a hard shell case, it does not provide as strong of protection as compared to the TPU case. However, it is a great minimalist case that keeps the glass backing out of harm’s way, while retaining a sleek physique. I have personally enjoyed using the hard shell case a lot since it offers easy access to the volume and power keys, while still protecting the delicate glass found on the back.

The concept behind the Black Matte TPU Case is that it offers stellar protection. Granted it is not as protective as an Otter Box, the TPU case covers all aspects of the Nexus 4 (besides the screen, obviously), which can protect it from any accidental drops or splashes. It adds a little bit of bulk to the Nexus 4 — more than the hard shell case did. However, it still fits in my pocket and my hand really well.

The main disadvantage using the TPU case on the Nexus 4 was the fact that it became a little more difficult using the volume and power keys. The case covered the hardware buttons on the side so you really need to press on it to make sure it registers. Compared to the hard shell case which offers easy access to the buttons, the TPU case makes increasing the volume a little bit tougher.

The bottom line with the TPU case is that it offers better protection than the hard shell. However, the hard shell is more stylish and minimalist. In the end, it comes down to personal preference between the two cases in order to decide which is the best option for your Nexus 4. The hard shell case offers less protection, but has a better feel in the hand. Meanwhile, the TPU case offers greater protection at the added cost of extra bulk.  Specifically, I would rate the white hard shell case as a 4.3/5 and the black TPU case 4/5.

In terms of pricing, the Black TPU Matte Case costs $12.50 and the White Hard Shell Case costs $7.95.

Specials Thanks to Diztronic for providing Androinica with the two cases for review!