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LG France discusses Nexus 4 production, claims it is not 100% at fault for lack of supply

January 17, 2013 | by Natesh Sood

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It’s hard to exactly pinpoint what is going on with production of the LG Nexus 4.  Google tells us one story that LG is to blame for erratic supply, but LG turns around and claims production is going smoothly and that it is not completely to blame.  Today, however, LG France director, Cathy Robin, provided some much needed information on the situation.

Basically, she premises her talk by explaining how Google provided LG with sales forecasts based on previous Nexus launches.  At time of announcement, it was no surprise that the Nexus 4 would command exceptional demand, so it is a bit surprising Google didn’t forecast much higher sales for the attractively priced Nexus 4.

Now, here is some good news regarding the Nexus 4.  Robin believes that by mid-February, there will be enough in stock that the market will not experience any more pressure.  Mid-February is still roughly a month away, so I hope Google brings back at least another batch of Nexus 4 devices before then.

Lastly, Robin also mentions that the sales figure of 375,000 for the Nexus is “much lower” than the real sales figure.  However, in typical mobile fashion, LG did not divulge any specific numbers.