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Google Play Books updated with new features such as maps, annotations, and dictionary

September 25, 2012 | by Natesh Sood

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If you have the Google Play Books app downloaded on your Android device, then you will likely notice that it has been updated to a newer version featuring several improvements.  If you enjoy reading on the go using the Google Play Books app, then you will definitely be thankful for the latest feature additions.

To begin, Google allows you to search a location within the Play Books app.  For example, if you are reading a novel that references a specific location, then tapping on the location will bring up Google Maps and the option to search Wikipedia.  In addition, users can now select and pull up definitions for unfamiliar words.

Another great addition to the app is the ability to translate on the go.  Users can simply select words or text that they want translated into another language, and this is powered by Google’s translation service.  The last part of the update has to do with annotations and the ability to highlight text and jot notes in the margins.  The beauty of this feature is that it will sync across all Google Play Book apps installed on devices you may own.

Lastly, there is now support for Japanese text (meaning the app will render the text in the correct orientation), 2D page turning animation, and a sepia reading theme.

Feel free to check out the revamped Google Play Books app using the Play Store link below.

[Google Play Store]