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T-Mobile drops HTC One S price to $149 on contract until August 21

August 7, 2012 | by Natesh Sood

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The HTC One S on T-Mobile recently benefited from a price cut that is going to last until August 21st.  Previously, the HTC One S costed $199 on a two year contract, but it now commands a $149 price tag following a $50 MIR.

The One S by HTC is one of T-Mobile’s better smartphones, but was overlooked since the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III.  However, it is worth comparing the prices between T-Mobile’s two high-end smartphones.  The 16GB Galaxy S III model costs $279 on a two year contract and the One S now costs $149.  It is hard to argue with saving $130 up front on a device.

In any event, if the HTC One S interests you, then you have until August 21 to take advantage of T-Mobile’s promotional price.