T-Mobile confirms unlimited 4G data package launching on Sept. 5th for $30

August 22, 2012 | by Natesh Sood



Yesterday, we saw a rumor break that T-Mobile was headed towards launching a new unlimited data package free of data caps, throttles, and overages.  Today, America’s fourth largest carrier confirmed the information with a press release, much to everyone’s pleasure.

The new 4G unlimited data package is going to go in effect starting September 5th, just as the rumor indicated it would.  In terms of pricing, those on the classic plan can add it on for $30 a month and those on the value plan can add it for $20 a month.  The data promotion is presumably available for the foreseeable future and is available for new and current customers alike.

As a T-Mobile customer, it’s great to see the carrier add back something that is almost completely missing in the wireless industry today.  While my 2GB plus slowed speeds serves my needs at the moment, it is comforting to know if I needed unlimited data it would only cost $10 more than what I am currently paying.