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Switch from a rival carrier to Sprint and receive $400

August 17, 2012 | by Natesh Sood

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According to a leaked promotional flyer from Sprint (which can be seen below), the nation’s third largest carrier will begin running a promotion from August 19 through September 15.  Essentially, if you switch your family plan over from a rival carrier (Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile), then Sprint will give you $400 to spend on devices at the time of purchase.

There are quite a few fine details before you receive the $400, so make sure you speak with a Sprint rep and understand all details of the offer before inking a new two year contract with the carrier.  To begin, at least one line on the new plan must come directly from a rival carrier (and not one that is affiliated with Sprint such as Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile, or Common Cents Mobile).  In addition, at least three new lines must be activated onto the family plan that consists of either Everything Data Share or Simply Every Everything Data.

Moreover, the $400 credit cannot be used on USB modems, accessories, or tablets.  In addition, if a device is eligible to receive a mail-in-rebate, you will not receive the rebate if you use the $400 credit.  Lastly, the $400 must be spent at the time of purchase and in store only.  Again, it is in your best interest to fully speak with your rep before signing any new contracts.

While the deal certainly does sound enticing and could net you a couple of great smartphones for free, we still need to wait until August 19 to find out if the promotion is true.