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Samsung Galaxy Stellar tipped for release with Verizon, offers Starter mode and Amazon apps

August 24, 2012 | by Natesh Sood

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Expected to launch on Verizon in the near future is the Samsung Galaxy Stellar.  This unannounced device recently made an appearance on a Verizon rebate form, and now we are seeing it leaked again on an internal Verizon document.  Unfortunately, we do not have an image to go along with the leak, but we do know some interesting information if the leak turns about to be true.

First, the Galaxy Stellar will cost $99 on a two year contract, implying that it will be a mid-range 4G LTE device that is aimed towards the budget-conscious consumers on Verizon.  In addition, it is said to feature an “easy-to-use Starter mode,” which is probably aimed towards new smartphone owners.  The Pantech Marauder recently launched on Verizon with a Starter mode that was used to aid first time smartphone users with the Android experience.  One of Verizon’s main goals is to get feature phone owners onto smartphones, and in order to achieve this, Verizon wants to offer smartphone-friendly devices.

Lastly, it is said to feature Amazon Apps instead of Google Play Store integration.  This could mean a couple of things: it will come loaded with Amazon appstore and not the Google Play Store, or it comes with both stores, but Samsung and Amazon are pushing the Amazon appstore.

In any event, we will hopefully find out more information regarding the Galaxy Stellar in the next couple of weeks.