OneLouder’s Slices curates and filters Twitter to be more relevant at the moment [App Reviews]

August 2, 2012 | by Andrew Kameka

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Slice for Twitter is not your typical Twitter app. Designed by One Louder Apps, the same people who brought you popular Twitter client Tweetcaster, Slice works as a way to filter and discover certain types of people or content on Twitter. By design, it’s a way to cut Twitter into just the pieces that interest you at the moment.

Slice applies filters and curates Twitter to only view a user’s timeline according to content type or interests. One feature, similar to the standard Twitter lists, creates hand-picked grouping of tweeters. The difference is that there are more suggestions about who belongs in a slice. Known journalists and media accounts I follow are auto-added to my News slice, and companies and business execs are in the Business & Money slice.

Users can add or remove people, or create entirely new Slices to get a custom look at their timeline. There’s also an element of discovery because Slices has a database of interesting accounts to follow based on category (sports, tech, music, celebs, etc.) or location. It makes it easier to discover interesting accounts that you aren’t following yet.

Once users set-up Slice, they can easily jump in and out of the filtered view of people. They can even choose what type of content to display. Slice can toggle a setting that displays only Photos & Videos to make it easier to see your timeline’s Instagram and YouTube shares. It also highlights people and streams to follow during live events like an awards show or the Olympics.

Slices pitches itself as a Twitter app built around the concept of tailor-made viewing and discovery. It has all of the requisite features of a Twitter app, as well as the ability to better organize your experience. The trouble is that you’ll have to take a couple of extra steps. If you’re someone satisfied with TweetCaster or whatever Twitter client you prefer, keep on trucking. But folks interested in a strong design, bookmarks, curated streams, and beautiful profile views, Slices is worth a try.

Android 2.2 or higher is required to use Slice.