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Google updates Gmail for Android, improves 7 inch tablet interface

August 1, 2012 | by Natesh Sood

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Google recently pushed out a new update for the Gmail app on Android, which can be downloaded and installed immediately through the Google Play Store.  While there aren’t any groundbreaking features in the latest version, it does improve the interface for 7 inch devices (namely the Nexus 7), fixes bugs, improves performance, and includes “new Labels API for 3rd-party app developers.”

Even if you don’t own the Nexus 7, the Gmail app is worth updating since Google reminds us that there are performance enhancements in the app, which are always good enough reasons for an update.  Fortunately, if you do own the Nexus 7 and use Gmail, then the app should be better optimized for you.  While it’s hard to pinpont exactly what changed for 7 inch devices, we’ll take Google’s word that it changed for the better.

While I’m not sure what the new labels API implies, but I imagine it helps third party application developers for Android integrate Gmail better into their apps.  The bottom line here is this part of the update is mainly for developers, so I wouldn’t be too concerned with it unless you plan on developing with the Gmail app.

If you wish to update your Gmail app, then feel free to click the Google Play link below.

[Gmail on Google Play]